You need a professional driving service that will take you safely to your appointments? Our Chauffeur Service has specialized in the professional chauffeuring and take you to your desired locations. Treat yourself to a stress-free and enjoyable transfer even in hectic times.

Our chauffeur service will pick you up in a limosine of your choice, drives you to your event and bring you back on request. Enjoy the admiring glances when your personal chauffeur opens the car door and you get out of the limosine. Trained drivers take you safely to the location of your choice and if wished even on a red carpet.


Travel relaxed with our shuttle & transfer services. For visitors to enjoy your holiday to the last moment, we take business trips and city transfers between the train station, airport, hotel and ski lodge. You are planning a big company party or other big event?

We are happy to transport your guests to the location, and accompany you back to the hotel safely. With our Transfer & Courier Service, as well as the luggage service, we also carry your goods on time to the scene and safely back again.


This service will prove that a broken leg must be no big deal. We take your needed ambulance, sitting and lying. Be it the trip to the family doctor, the transportation to the hospital or the date in the rehab clinic, we will provide you with our fleet of vehicles, tailored to your individual needs and handicaps, to the side.

We would be your contact person for patient transfers. With us, People with disabilities or other dependents are in best hands. We ensure that traveling would not be a burden than necessary.


A job in the field next to negotiation also requires a good preparation for each new customer. With our service we provide you valuable time that you can use according to your needs. With our offer of a chauffeur on demand, we transport you to relax your client meetings.

All chauffeur service offers for each mobile eventuality the right solution - either by the hour or for several days or weeks.


Enjoy a swim in the crowd, without feeling pressured by onlookers or unpleasant people. Our team of internationally operating security company provides complete security at all levels. Here is a trained security personal with reputable references from politics and business analize every step and every action in your environment and take situations under control.

Even in the biggest mess we act immediately at any situation and safely confront and defuse them before our client is at risk. We are happy to work with you to create a comprehensive security concept to make you feel comfortable and secure.


Experience a memorable trip over the Alps to Pogusch. The helicopter takes you to feast at the tavern Steirereck altitude of 1050 m. Or perhaps you prefer to fly through the Salzkammergut on the Dachstein to the Inn Winterstellgut.

Here you can enjoy culinary delights and cordial hospitality in the traditional Salzburg way. The helicopter starts in Salzburg and Lake Wolfgang. At your request, we will pick you up from your home.


With our private jet fleet, we secure your time sovereignty. Here you decide and not any airline, when the flight starts. In private jet with first class facilities we fly you directly to over 1,500 airports in the entire Euro-Mediterranean area.

A fleet of regularly maintained and carefully manicured exclusive Citation jets moves you gently through the clouds to their destination.